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During her riding career, Gillian achieved enormous success. She has been a World Cup finalist and qualified and competed in the Pan Am trials. Gillian was consistently short listed and a carded rider for Equine Canada for many years and had repeatedly represented Canada internationally. She has also spent many years as a certified Judge.

Unique to dressage coaching, Gillian’s approach is always about the well being of the horse and encouraging and guiding her students to be independent riders with a mindset of a trainer. This is what has made Gillian’s clients very successful in the show ring. Every rider is unique and every horse/rider combination is unique. Consistently Gillian can very quickly focus on the rider/horse team, assess and provide customized training while maintaining the classical principles of dressage.


She brings an incredible knowledge of horsemanship from over 30 years of teaching (beginner to Grand Prix) with a passionate desire for horse and rider to succeed. Success means harmony, relaxation and a strong partnership between horse and rider. 

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